We are a totally volunteer funded organization and 100% of your donation will go towards the project of your choice.  When making a donation, please specify what project you are supporting.  We appreciate your contribution to support Honduras and its people. / Somos una organización financiada totalmente por voluntarios y el 100% de su donación se destinará para el proyecto de su elección.  Al donar, por favor especifique el proyecto al cual está contribuyendo.  Apreciamos su contribución y apoyo para Honduras y a su gente.



Do you want to build a promising nation? Support us and send 200 children in Copán to camp!

UrbanPromise Honduras believes in the importance of investing in children and youth because they are the future and the hope of Honduras.

Often the only thing that separates many children from a full life and complete development is opportunity. Therefore, during public school vacation, UPH offers vacation camps, for three weeks, for children from first to sixth grade. Therefore many children with limited resources in Copán Ruinas will be able to participate in a variety of creative and energetic activities and make the most of fun classes such as art, cooking, discovery, Bible and English. We also offer a healthy snack and special days on Fridays.

We believe that a promising nation will be built one child at a time. For only $13* you can send one child to camp for four weeks.

*This does not include administrative costs or staff salaries as other donors have already covered these costs. Therefore we can guarantee that 100% of your donation will go directly to our programs.

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